Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is the most beautiful gift in the world, and it is usually a gift from our children. Breastfeeding creates a wonderful bond between mother and baby. After breastfeeding is over, many women are unable to return to their full, erect, beautiful breasts before giving birth. Here we are doing breast lift in these women.

Two things are very important, how sagging breasts and how much volume has lost. It is necessary to decide whether volume increase is desired in the pre-operative interview, or whether only recovery is sufficient. It is best to decide with the rehearsals during this meeting. It's a simple and effective method. The patient's shoulder and hip width, waist curve, height, style, allows the determination of the desired shape. Only sagging breasts with sufficient volume leave short scars, and recovery is made without the need for a silicone prosthesis. If there is both sagging and discharge in the breast, drops of silicone are placed while erecting. The surgery can be done under general anesthesia or by sedation. Aesthetic stitches are made with self-melting threads and there is no need to take stitches. The person can be discharged on the same day and go home. He can take a shower the next day. He can return to work within two days for desk jobs and one week for active jobs. He can start housework within two days. Light bruises disappear in a week or two. While the breast shows its general shape the next day, most of the swelling goes down in a month. For sharp eyes, exact fit can take six months to a year.

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