Eyelid Eyebrow Lift

As the age progresses, sagging and bagging of the upper and lower eyelids occur. The tired and old look makes you unhappy when you look in the mirror. Doing make-up, taking picture starts to be difficult. All these situations are treated with success by Aesthetic Plastic Surgery specialists. The success of eyelid surgery has increased in recent years. With the new surgical techniques developed, we can safely achieve the results that we could not achieve even five years ago. The main reason for the success achieved is that all the aging conditions in the middle of the face, including eyebrow lifting, under-eye depressions, cheek sagging, nose lines, can be corrected. The incisions made from the bottom of the eyelashes leave almost no scar. There is almost no pain. Swelling and bruising occurs in every patient. Gets better in seven to ten days. In eyelid surgeries, the eye is secured with special protectors and prevented from being damaged. It is also possible to make temporary rejuvenation by means of non-surgical methods in and around the eyelid.


If you have complaints such as low eyebrows, sagging eyelids, under eye bag formation, tired expression makeup does not look good and you want to get information about the price of eyelid surgery, arrange a meeting with your plastic aesthetic specialist. An experienced plastic surgeon will show you very comfortable even in the mirror that if is needed to reduce a simple eyelid skin or a whole wider rejuvenation.

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Face, Neck Lift and Eyelid Aesthetics

Face, Neck Lift and Eyelid Aesthetics

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