Correction Breast Surgery

Problems can be seen in the early and late periods after breast augmentation surgery. We also enjoy correction breast surgery.

Problems seen in the late period;

rupture of the prosthesis,
hardening around the prosthesis,
Prosthetic breast sagging over time,
In breast augmentation surgeries performed before 2010, it can be listed as the expiration of the prosthesis.
Early problems;

the prosthesis is small or large,
placing the prosthesis in non-aesthetic positions,
If the prosthesis is too high or too low compared to the breast,
can be listed as the prosthesis being very separate from each other.

Solving late period problems;

The lifetime of most prostheses fitted before 2010 is limited to 12 years, so these prostheses may need to be changed with or without problems.


The simplest patient group is those who have prosthesis replacement, although there is no problem. Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

The operations of patients with a burst prosthesis, hardening of the breast prosthesis, sagging and deformity in the breast require mastery and experience. I am one of the physicians who perform these surgeries with great pleasure.


The actual procedures are determined on the basis of the patient. If the prosthesis is sagged, the prosthesis is also renewed while the erection is performed. I recommend that prostheses be taken under the muscle with the dual plan.


Changing the prosthesis, changing the position of the prostheses, removing the attached prostheses and replacing them with new ones can be applied in patients who have problems in the early period, that is, in the first years. Breasts with a prosthesis, but whose sagging has not recovered, can be erected by changing the prosthesis or by preserving the existing prosthesis.


Tailor-made solutions should be found for this and other similar problems. Here I know clearly what I can achieve as a plastic surgeon and I share it with the patient. I want the patient to say clearly and clearly what he wants from me. The important thing here is that the breast has been operated before and there are medical facts. Neither I nor the patient can get what we want in some cases. The important thing is to pursue the best thing that can happen in the breast. I am not using this as an excuse. I remain committed to doing the best that can be done.

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