Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is when both breasts have different shapes. Breast is the most important symbol of femininity. A newborn child begins life at the mother's breast, and gets what it takes for love, affection, closeness, and survival from the breast. This organ, which is the basis of all beautiful emotions, is an important part of women's softness, sensuality and beauty in later ages. No two halves of human beings are alike. There are slight differences between the two breasts in almost every woman and should be considered natural. However, for some women, this difference may be large.

In cases where there is a lot of difference, a sense of deficiency and ugliness may occur in women. If a woman tries to cover this situation with the underwear she uses in social life, if she hesitates to undress next to her loved one, if she says how to hide herself while swimming, it is time to apply to an aesthetic surgeon. Strangely enough, women think that this is only theirs. Your plastic surgeon will explain what to do in line with your expectations during the evaluation. Breast reduction, lifting or augmentation procedures are combined in patients with breast asymmetry. For example, while one breast is enlarged with silicone, the other can be reduced. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia (sleep or regional anesthesia). These attempts are enjoyable surgeries in which plastic surgeons use their creativity. Milk ducts are protected during the process. After the procedure, the person can be discharged on the same day and return to his normal life after resting for a few days at home. You can take a shower in a day or two. Breasts, which are swollen in the first week, settle in weeks. The traces of the aesthetic stitches made fade within months. Fear of scarring is more intense before surgery. Most people think that the traces left with the beauty provided after the procedure are not important. If there is a great difference between the two breasts before the intervention, millimetric symmetry cannot be achieved. These small differences are ignored by women who remember the old version. Over the years, a difference may occur in the breasts as a result of losing milk and excessive weight gain. Most of these can be corrected with minor intervention.

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