Vagina Aesthetics

Vagina aesthetics is one of the most important subjects of aesthetic plastic surgery. Especially after the birth, in some women, as the birth or age progresses, the vagina also has a decrease in vitality and laxation occurs. It is also very important that the vagina lips sag and lose their volume. Man and woman are not enjoying sexual intercourse. Woman can nor achieve orgasm and man cannot enjoy even if he ejaculate. The problem that they cannot confess to each other, is considered as a natural process and leads to emotional and sexual frustration. In fact, this situation can be treated with vaginal esthetics and sexual happiness can be increased again. The procedure is done without full anesthesia only from the waist. 

The first step of vaginal rejuvenation is the process of narrowing the vagina to eliminate slack. The muscles are tightened and resurrected. Drooping inner lips are reduced if necessary. With fat transfer sagged and extinguished outer lips gain soft and stretched look. Labioplasty is performed for inner lip aesthetics. All of these processes are not visible. I recommend eight weeks of sexual abstinence after surgery.

Frequently asked questions about Vagina Aesthetics

Sexual happiness is the most natural right of every couple. This happiness also provides emotional intimacy. Many happy marriages lie on the basis of a happy sex life.

There are many reasons for sexual unhappiness. Questioning psychological reasons and systemic diseases is very important. If this is the case, I refer the person to the specialist. If the problem is that the vagina is loose and does not look good, vaginal tightening rejuvenation is very beneficial.

There are different techniques of this operation. With the right technique, there will be no scar. If there is a scar from old births, it is reduced by aesthetic plastic surgery methods.

Vaginal tightening and labioplasty are not sufficient for beautification of this area in some people. While young, alive and soft outer lips lose their volume with increased age. A flat and saggy image is formed. The fat cells taken from the person's abdomen with fine needles create a tense, soft and young appearance without creating a surgical scar.

I suggest not to interfere for eight weeks. This period is a necessary period for the vaginal tissue to heal. Your own surgeon's recommendations may be different.

There are different procedures for vaginal rejuvenation. There may be price changes accordingly. You can get information from your plastic surgeon.

Vagina Aesthetics Patient Comments

Vagina Aesthetics patient comments
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