Leg Aesthetics

Our legs are mediate region in our body, like our face. Especially the area under the kneecap is very important. In addition, proper leg is not only the sign of beauty in men and women, it is also an indicator of health. Perhaps the rachitism that ravaged the world at the beginning of the 20th century is the reason why the knock-kneed leg is perceived as unhealthy. This is a condition in which infants who are not sufficiently sun-fed and lack of breast milk often have a tendency to have curvature from six months to eighteen months. Even though this disease decreases with public health measures, I think it has a deep place in our culture.


A knee joint with no excess fat in the inner part of the skin is the beginning of beauty in women. When the lower part of knee is straight and balanced from inner and outer, it creates a beautiful look. The inner part of the leg the muscle should be smooth, with no corners. The angular muscle image is considered as masculine. While looking through the ankles from up to down, both the inner and the outer part should become thinner and about 15 cm above the thinness should reach to the ankle with a gentle transition. It makes a smooth and delicate look when the feet are thin. There shouldn't be outgrowth in ankle and foot bones. A beautifully balanced and soft-edged leg brings elegance with beauty. Of course, harmony with the whole body and movements is also very important. The thick leg can also look beautiful in a woman with a wide hips.


Correcting the leg shape is one of the beautiful sub branch of plastic surgery. The procedure is usually carried out by the anesthesia from waist. General anesthesia is also possible. It is needed to hide the curvature of the leg bone. As I mentioned before, beauty of legs is actually hidden in very fine details. When it comes to fine details, the liposuction and the fat insert (oil transfer) get involved. Extraction of excess fat from inner part of the knee process makes the leg very beautiful. It is possible to correct the curve image by transferring fat cells taken from the abdomen waist and hip to the inner side of the leg. The most important advantage of fat transfer is that the patient has her own texture, the marks are not visible. The smooth transition of the three-dimensional image of the leg during the transfer of fat is the trick. So from the front, it looks nice, but when you look from the diagonal, the elegant leg doesn't give a natural look even though it is thicker. The most important point to note is that the leg skin is naturally stretched. When you put a prosthesis on the breast, the upper skin is stretched, but the leg skin does not have this feature. It is not stretched because it is tense and does not allow big changes in the legs. What is important here is to capture the beauty with small changes. As a result; personal, realistic and honest planning should be made.

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Dr. Volkan Tayfur - Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Uzmanı