Sweating Treatment

Many people are having a hard time because of excessive underarm sweating in their lives. Large stains on the clothes, while we are in rush and the moments that we feel ourselves most efficient, wet skin makes us feel bad. Now there is a very practical treatment for it. We can feel comfortable for up to a year with one-time superficial drug injection to the underarm area. This treatment does not harm the body, and also does not prevent removal of toxins. In addition, it does not cause sweating in other regions. I personally suffer from this condition and get this treatment. I am very pleased with the results. The effect of the drug starts within 24 hours and sets immediately. If necessary, we do an additional dose after 15 days without additional payment. The drug we use is scientifically proven many years ago, and it is also used in reducing facial wrinkles. We do not write the name of the drug here due to the internet laws in our country. You can learn the name when you call us.
The drug needs to be given carefully to the skin layer where the sweat glands are located, otherwise the application fails.
Another cause of failure is the use of low-dose medication. For economic reasons, inadequate dosing to make it more attractive to the patient may result in poor outcomes. I haven't seen a patient who hasn't stopped sweating so far. This drug is not applicable for very rare diseases.
Your plastic surgeon, who will do your treatment, will inform you in this regard.

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Dr. Volkan Tayfur - Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Uzmanı