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Lip filling, cheek filling, lip plumping are subjects that people are very curious about. Lips can be thin with the effect of age or can be congenital. Streaks extending from the edge of the nose and the lines between the eyebrows deepen with age and may make the person look more tired.

For thickening of the lips and for the correction of deep lines, I optionally use one's own adipose tissue or temporary fillers. I only use lip fillers for patients with thin lips. I'm not treating those who want thicker lips than they should. I use local drugs to prevent pain in the treatment of lip and mouth lines. In order to reduce the lines between the eyebrows, I apply the medication first and fill it if necessary. I don't use permanent ready fillers because of the risk of any out coming problem. The fillers I applied need to be repeated after 12 to 18 months.

Frequently asked questions about Lip Cheek Implant

I only apply temporary fillers to women whose lips are thinner than they should be. I do not apply filler to natural lips. I think it is very, very important that the lip filler does not attract much attention and that the lips are not larger than the natural appearance. I numb the lip during the procedure.

Cheek fillers are used as often as lip fillers. I use temporary fillers ready for these lines that deepen with age. I do not want to destroy the lines and the fullness of the face and aesthetic aesthetics. I numb the area during the procedure. I also use one's own adipose tissue for filling.

I prefer these fillers because I believe that temporary fillers cause less problems. I think that the fillers that are active for 12-18 months are sufficient.

There are many internationally published studies on this subject. We all follow these studies closely. I also had the opportunity to do anatomical studies that examined the structure of the lip region. Our studies on lip region anatomy in the United States are as follows.

  1. Magden O, Edizer M, Atabey A, Tayfur V, Ergur I. Cadaveric study of the arterial anatomy of the upper lip. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2004 Aug;114(2):355-9
  2. Edizer M, Magden O, Tayfur V, Kiray A, Ergur I, Atabey A. Arterial anatomy of the lower lip: a cadaveric study. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2003 Jun;111(7):2176-81

These studies have been used as reference of many scientific studies at Turkey and abroad.

Lip plumping prices vary according to the material used. There are many companies producing lip and cheek fillers. Remember that you will pay for your surgeon's skill, not the material in your aesthetic fillers. Ask your plastic surgeon about the prices.

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Lip Cheek Filler patient comments
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