Fat removal (Liposculpture) is an attempt to remove fat tissues that distort the shape of the body. Many people complain of excess fat, especially in the abdomen, lumbar region and buttocks, even if they are not overweight. In suitable persons, this fat tissue is reduced by entering through small holes. Surgery is a preferred method because the scar does not appear.


Fat cells taken during the liposculpture process can be transferred to the troughs for shape correction. I'm using the liposculpture process to correct the shape, not to reduce too much weight. Too much fat intake is risky. Liposculpture is also intended to destroy the fats and make the image harmonious with the whole body. There are much easier methods of weight reduction such as eating less. Planning together with the pre-process determines how the image will be improved.


The procedure is performed under anesthesia or general anesthesia. Small holes of three millimeters are drilled to remove excess fat. The superiority of the machines used during the process is controversial. The important thing is that your surgeon is used to the instrument. After the procedure, the corset is worn and you need to stay in the hospital for one night. You can go home the next day. Shower can be taken after 24 hours. According to the work and the size of the transaction can be returned to normal life from the third day. Some bruising occurs and disappears within two weeks. It is necessary not  to remove the corset and use it for four weeks. The actual result appears within weeks of edema that occurs before liposculpture occurs. The patient should not allow any major changes in her weight after the procedure.

Frequently asked questions about Liposuction

It is suitable for people who has excess fat in certain areas of the body and not too much sagging in their skin. It is frequently performed especially on the waist, abdomen, hips and legs. It can be applied to the chest and tickle area. This process is not applied to people who suffer from excess fat in the whole body because it is possible to lose 2-3 kilos a month with non-compelling diets. Patients with liposculpture should not have too much skin sagging. For example, if an operation is performed on an already flabby abdomen, the air of the skin hangs more like a balloon. In these patients, abdominal stretching and liposculpture should be applied together.

The purpose of the process is to ensure that the shape is beautiful. In some people, it is necessary to fill the gaps while taking the surpluses in order to achieve this harmony. Fats from excess places can be added to the missing places, resulting in more alive and attractive results.

The most important advantage of the process is that it is made of very small holes so that the remaining scar is not visible.

These risks arise especially when trying to get too much fat. After a patient and fine workmanship that your aesthetic plastic surgeon will do, such risks are reduced.

Is it true that the type of machine used during liposculpture improves the result?

It depends on how much weight you gain. While two to three kilos does not disturb the body, 10-20 kilo of course is expected to deteriorate people. However, the increase in self-confidence after the fat and increase the value of the person's self-shake in weight is very little. More balanced weight gain appears in the whole body since cells in areas that are more interested in taking fat are reduced during the procedure. No one wants to lose the beauty she longs for and waits for. After this process, I did not come across anyone who gained excess weight. It is also very important to evaluate the candidate well before the procedure. Often, tens of kilos of people who lose weight and the psychology should be well evaluated and decided beforehand whether they are suitable for the procedure.

Yes, it is possible to repeat after liposculpture if necessary.

Liposuction prices vary according to the region. Interventions to be performed under local anesthesia to a small area and procedures to be performed under general anesthesia will be charged differently. You can get information from your plastic surgeon about the fees to get fat.

Liposuction Patient Comments

Liposuction patient comments
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Liposuction (Fat Removal) Operations

Liposuction (Fat Removal) Operations

I answered the frequently asked questions about Liposuction in our Weekend program with Burcu Esmersoy.

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