Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can be treated by surgery or non-surgical methods. Life begins with breath. The most important task of the nose is to breathe, of course. Bad breathing, snoring, dry mouth, dental caries, failure in sports, stomach problems, and heart problems can develop in those who cannot breathe. 

There are many problems that lead to bad breathing. Smoking also comes at the beginning. The air flow decreases with the expansion of the noses in smokers. 

The treatment is very clear; quit smoking. In addition to this, there are also breathing obstructions due to deformities. In these cases, surgery is a good option. You can think of the nose as connected air pipes, which have to be corrected at any narrow point. 

Many people think that the only problem is intranasal curvature, but the truth is not. The factors like low nose tip, narrow nose, the size of the nose are also very important. Press your nose down or close the nose tip and you'll see how your breath is broken. When you lift the nose tip, you will breathe more comfortably. All this system should be considered together. 

Sometimes people with curvature in the nose breathe so easily that the operation is unnecessary. First of all, the entire breathing line is evaluated and the plan is done. Breathing procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia. Nose tip, nose back, inner curvatures and nose flesh are corrected. Breath opening is performed frequently with aesthetic nose operations. In the same procedure, it is desired to open the breath while the shape is corrected. Because these people are accustomed to breathing from the mouth, the tampon is less disturbing. They are selected according to need. Silicone tampons that allow air passage are more comfortable. Depending on the case, the tampon is kept for one to three days. First the swollen tissues quickly relief and then breathing becomes more comfortable. 

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