Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a condition which makes men upset and shows themaw almost seven years older.Treatment is performed by Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The problem is the permanent damage to the hair follicles. It is same possibility to resuscitate the dead and to reveal hair loss with shampoos and medicines. Hair transplantation is the only treatment of hair loss. In males, hair loss is only seen on the front and top; not on the sides. In hair transplantation, the important thing is to take hair follicles from the sides and transplate to the top and front. In this method, again the damaged follicles will not awake, only the new follicles will replace them.

Hair transplantation is a serious process together with transplantation and suture process in which an average of 8000 holes on the scalp is made. The main thing is that all these processes must be done very carefully and with the latest technology. The removal, storage and transplantation of the point where the hair is produced which is around and at the bottom of the strand. It is a fine surgical method that determines success in hair transplantation.

It is impossible to bring back our dense hair of childhood with hair transplantation. We explain this to our patients clearly. Many patients who apply for hair transplantation are already aware of this. We are very happy with the realistic expectations of a good hair transplant.

We attach great importance to the homogenous removal of the area taken, the natural hair directions and the places of transplantation. We are careful to use single roots in front of the front line.

After hair transplantation, hair growth starts after 4 months to one year, increasingly.

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